Mirror rack Fox 02

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Product specification

Freestanding two sided mirror. Remove the mirror and you'll have a rack for displaying fashion, bags, jewelry or any other accessories. Please contact us to be informed about our pricing models.

Comprising various elements that can be seamlessly interconnected to form any desired configuration, the Fox collection of Modair® offers unparalleled versatility. Modair® invite you to engage in the process of creation, enriching the value of your products over time.

Fox is named after a glacier in New Zealand. It was the Modair® founder´s first hiking experience on a glacier and understood that glaciers are continously in motion due to several factors, hence the ephemeral and temporary shapes. This reflects the everchanging retail landscape where Fox comes in to meet the need for changing display and store design looks.

Get in touch for customizable features:
-material panels
-adjustable feet, wheels

Mirror rack Fox 02
Mirror rack Fox 02 Sale price€100,00
Measurements mm
H x W x L



Steel, stainless steel




The Netherlands


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Sustainable choice

Because, material-wise, getting reclaimed materials is the most sustainable thing you can do.